The Cardinal

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The Cardinal - the male cardinal with its bright red feathers is a magnificent sight especially against the stark contrast of a winter snow.  It reminds us of warmth and vibrancy even in the dead of winter.  True to its color, the cardinal is ferocious and will aggressively defend their territory against attackers, both big and small. 

During the long harsh winters the cardinal give us glorious songs that bring a fondness to the heart. Between the peeps and chirps, the tuned ear will also hear "cheer, cheer, cheer!" because spring is close at hand. 

This is a great ornament for a special someone that is protective of others no matter what or one who is optimistic and always looking to spread cheer at times when others need it the most.  

  • Sterling Silver (92.5 percent silver)
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Included with the ornament is a Cazenovia Abroad gift box and red silk cord to hang on your tree.   
  • Optional Free gift wrapping