Wisemen Ball - 99.5% Sterling Silver

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Far away in the east, three wise kings had seen a beautiful star shining brightly over Bethlehem.  King Gasper, King Melchior, and King Balthazar knew the star was a sign from God.  They decided to follow it.  They traveled to Jerusalem to find and honor the child who would become king of the Jews.  

It is hollow in the center and light enough for the Christmas tree but made of hardened silver. 

The Wisemen Ball is created with some of the world's finest silver and crafted by the best silversmiths in the US.  One of only two ornaments available that is 99.5% silver!

  • Sterling Silver (99.5 percent silver)
  • Made in the USA. 
  • Included with the ornament is a Cazenovia Abroad gift box and red silk cord to hang on your tree.   
  • Optional free gift wrapping